My research is developed through creative practice and experiments that converge moving-image and creative technologies. This includes interactive film, mixed reality experience design (augmented reality, virtual reality, transmedia), digital art practice and a number of research-based teaching innovations. I am particularly interested in exploring projects that look at narrative dynamics and storytelling within emerging media such as AR and MR.

I am currently working on an AHRC Funded PhD at the University of Liverpool that focuses on the way the AR and MR can be used for digital placemaking. This research focuses on narrative dynamics of augmented reality storytelling practice and includes working on research practice with Hololens, Mobile Augmented Reality Applications and VR. I am especially interested how these technologies can help to re-enchant place and bring storytelling into the everyday.

In the past my work has focused on several areas and themes including exploring civically-engaged storytelling and investigating how creative technologies and digital media have led to new ways of creating, spreading and engaging in narratives. I have also made projects that experiment with ‘disruptive’, ‘open’ and participatory forms of moving image practice, digital publishing and learning technologies.

I have been involved in a range of funded research projects and commissions in the areas of Mixed Reality, Documentary Film, Interactive Media Production, The Future of Filmmaking, Digital Publishing, Experiential Learning Design, Apps and Interface Design and Digital Archiving.

Between 2011-2015 much of this work was located within the The Centre for Disruptive Media at Coventry University where I was focused on developing several innovative learning projects in that helped to lay the practical foundations for the centre. This included several world firsts that helped Coventry University develop digital content strategies and teaching practice fit for the 21st Century.

I am currently part of the Future Technologies and Creative AR Hub Research Centres at Manchester Metropolitan University and also undertake research for  the Centre for Architecture and the Visual Arts at University of Liverpool.

Here are some of my projects:

Immersive Media, Mixed Reality and Digital Storytelling

This includes lecturing and researching on the cultural, social and critical aspects of areas such as: Immersive Storytelling, Mixed Reality, Digital Experience Design, Transmedia Film Practices, Models of Open Source Creativity, Interactive Documentary, Surveillance and Big Data, Viral Culture, Convergence, Internet of Things Storytelling, Pervasive Digital Culture and so on…

Most recently I have been examining the potential of new mixed reality technologies within narrative storytelling. This examines how the convergence of experience design, performance, screen media and networked cultures have collided over recent years to produce new forms of connected possibilities for storytellers and their participants through hybrid and mixed reality.

My experimental projects in this area include:

  • CreativeXR prototyping project for a place-based AR experience funded by Digital Catapult in collabooration with the Arts Council, called COAST AR
  • ‘If these walls could talk” a mixed reality experience at the UNESCO world heritage site in Liverpool, in collaboration with Research Partner Draw and Code, LIPA and CAVA at the University of Liverpool.
  • Liverpool Digital Placemaking Project- an exploration into the use of digital media in the City
  • Consultancy for a UK Innovate Project with Spark Compass- looking at new communication and experiential platforms for Smart Cities.
  • Invited Participant to ‘Fieldwork‘ as part of a joint initiative between Abandon Normal Devices and the Barbican
  • I run a number of research projects under the banner of the Immersive Storylab – Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality Storytelling including running a student research group looking at future filmmaking and immersive storytelling in VR, AR, Interactive Content and Transmedia.
  • PhD on Digital Placemaking and Mixed Reality Research at the University of Liverpool’s Centre for Architecture and the Visual Arts.
  • Lumiere 360 – a project in collaboration with the North West Film Archive, creating 3D Stereoscopic versions of the the Lumiere Film Archive
  • Medical Training VR Simulation – collaboration with Liverpool Medical School and Realspace LTD
  • KAFKA VR Immersive Storytelling – Collaboration with FACT, LIPA to develop a 360 prototype of Kafka’s The Trial
  • Beacons For Science (with Salford University): A project looking at digital storytelling in urban environments through connecting sensors in the city with augmented reality and virtual reality experiences. My work on this including developing documentary, archive and artists film as a placemaking encounter.
  • I led the development of an innovative new Interdisciplinary Degree in Digital Media that explored the future of digital media through innovative speculative practice in convergent media design.
  • Contributed a chapter to the project with Mute Publishing and the Open Humanities Press, looking at the augmented future of video as a critical publishing tool.
  • Secrecy Machine #secrecymachine – an experimental and performative transmedia publishing project on the politics and practices of secrecy with Kings College London
  • Latitude: An experiential concept feature film – Partly pedagogical, part teaching as research project, part experiment in low budget transmedia filmmaking – a feature film told in 12 chapters that are hidden around the web and in the physical world in geocaches.
  • The Liquid Cinema Project/Hyper-Cinema – thinking through the future of storytelling and expanded film through a series of events with industry partners interested in the future of storytelling. Developing speculative prototypes for the future of film.
  • Gallery Installations/Film Festival submissions include: Virtual (Anthropo) RealityThe Relativity DelusionEmbodied PerspectiveSounds of the Subway
  • I have also developed a number of projects that use augmented reality, social media and networked environments for marketing campaigns and digital learning, including
    • Media content developer on the Shakespeare Unplugged App
    • Various Augmented Reality and Digital Media projects at Coventry University as part of my role as Creative Multimedia Manager.

Open Education, E-Learning and Publishing Projects

Projects here include experimental collaborations on the future of publishing, exploring digital literacy, investigating innovative teaching methods and developing open education projects in creative media subjects.

I am interested in how emerging media ecologies requires the need for new forms of digital literacies and critique in education- that address the flow and circulation of mediated content and our subjectification and agency within these systems.

Examples of projects here include:

Civically-Engaged Storytelling and Critical Media Practice

I have worked on collaborative projects across a range of academic disciplines to explore the potential of media practice in the context of social, political and cultural change. This includes working on campaign-based media interventions, creative distribution methods, open learning communities and documentary film productions. Examples of work in this area include:

  • The Creative Activism Open Class – an open education project exploring the role of art in activism and critical media making
  • Deleuze’s Postscript on Societies of Control: An essay film/documentary on emerging power paradigms in contemporary digital culture.
  • Post-Secret State: Openness and Transparency in the Era of Gov 2.0?: An essay film on on the politics and practices of secrecy, transparency and open culture
  • Falcones Generation: A interactive documentary film on Organised Crime in Sicily, funded by the British Council. Released in 2017.
  • Migration Aware: Film resources and a short documentary for an transmedia education project on irregular migration in sub-Saharan Africa, funded by UNDP.
  • Fracking Futures: A short awareness raising film on Fracking in the North West
  • Same But Different: An educational resource pack on Diversity and Equality
  • Demystifying Visual Dyslexia: A visualisation project exploring artistic representations of dyslexia.
  • Delivering Digital Advantage: A campaign video & report for the West Midlands digital infrastructure needs.
  • Blueprint: European Structural Funding documentary commissioned by Add+vantage West Midlands to critically explore the issues of funding throughout the EU.

I have spoken at a number of conferences and consulted with a number of Universities in the UK, China, Australia and Africa. Find out about some of these projects.