CU on iTunes U – Open Education Resources Project

I initiated and project manage the Coventry University partnership with Apple’s iTunes U, enabling the university to openly share of teaching and research resources through the iTunes service.

At the time of launch in June 2009 we were the 6th UK institution to launch our content through this platform and since its inception it has grown to include over 700 open multimedia resources ranging from lectures to online tutorials.

The site now attracts thousands of visitors every week and the content has over 8 million hits (including the other sites where we send the content to) and includes a diverse portfolio of free content from across the University. It also enabled the University to be Highly Commended for ‘Innovation and Creative Thinking’ at the 2010 HEIST Awards. As well as paving the way for a number of funded projects in the area of Open Access for the University and the development of further applications and projects.

Prominent collections in this include the Coventry Conversations series, the Photographic Mediations series and the Open Media series

Find out more information about the CU on iTunes U project


  1. […] The beta App allows people to engage with the community of practitioners and students who are taking part in the course. Pulling in photographs from Flickr, content from the blog, comments from Twitter as well as a range of photography podcasts from our iTunes U Project. […]