How Progress is Made… Occupy London with words from Tony Benn #occupylsx
Nov 2011 04

Was checking out the camp and taking some shots yesterday outside St Pauls Cathedral and was fortunate enough to catch this inspiring speech by retired labour politician Tony Benn at #OccupyLSX during my break.

Rushed an edit together last night, let me know your thoughts, i didnt have a tripod so its a bit shaky. Song is called Mercury Fingerprint by Dan Skinner (from Audio Networks)

This was featured on Adbusters TV


  1. Faye Langston says:

    Really enjoyed this; it gave me goosebumps. Some great great atmosphere and shots of posters really capture the occupy movement and what its about and allowed us the viewers to feel involved. The end shot made me smile.

  2. I agree with Miss Langston and I second everything she says. Tony Benn is someone that I already look up to! Goosebumps and a huge smile! ^_______^ it’s infectious, pass it on!

    The video itself is great, it shows Occupy for what it is so don’t worry about that Mr Author ^_^

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