Digital Media BA

A creative course located in Coventry School of Art and Design. Exploring digital media design, technology and culture.


We connect and collaborate

We connect and collaborate

Learning and mastering how people and information connect, behave, interact and flow through the digital landscape. Connecting this knowledge to real world enquiries, opportunities and problems.

We invent and create

We invent and create

Taking an innovative approach to learning: incorporating storytelling, design, hacking, remix, creative play, imagineering, experimentation, risk-taking and project development methods: sandboxes, sprints, rapid prototyping and hackathons.

We synthesise and immerse

We synthesise and immerse

Drawing on research and questions from a range of academic displines including the sciences, humanities, business and the arts. Mashing them together to develop analytical, creative and problem-solving/creating skills.

19th century culture was defined by the novel, 20th century culture was defined by the cinema. 21st century culture will be defined by the interface.

-- Lev Manovich --

Our Principles

We build triangles

INSIGHT & ANALYSIS: Evidence, Tools and Possibilities


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INSIGHT & ANALYSIS: Evidence, Tools and Possibilities

CRAFT & APPLICATION: Experience and Reflection


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CRAFT & APPLICATION: Experience and Reflection

ART & VISION: Research, Imagination and Innovation


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ART & VISION: Research, Imagination and Innovation

Knowledge comes by taking things apart: analysis. But wisdom comes by putting things together.

-- --

Praxis is the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, practiced, embodied, or realised.

-- --

Course Structure

Focused on Questions, Opportunities and Problems- Not Disciplines

We think about…… Networks, Flows, Inputs, Identity, Immersion, Economy, Emotion, Systems, Representations, Language, Reality, Psychology, Machines, Participation, Social, Story, Open, Hacking, Mobility, Connection, Feeling, (Mis)Information, Haptics, Virality, Behaviour, Spam, Perception, Access, Brains, Meta, Discourse, Science, Remix, Sensors, Image, Work, Community, Control, Value, Hierarchies, Co-creation, Ethics, Mobs, Open, History, Ecologies, Loops, Effects, Data, Followers, Resistance, Senses, Presence, Autonomy, Attention, Markets, Genealogies, Linearity, Physics, Tribes, Glitches, Filters, Plurality, Privacy, Serendipity, Code, Reading, Sci-fi, Change, Deconstruction, Physiology, Property, Outputs, Performativity, Events, Intelligence, Aggregation, Limitations, Taxonomy, Architectures, Knowledge, Variables, Anonymity, Convergence, Inequality, Beta, Play, Attribution, Consciousness, Audience, Philosophy, Disruption, Progress, Piracy, Failure, Poetics, Semantics, Power, Motivation, Abundance, Politics, Layers, Agency, Democracy, Transparency, Distribution, Reading, Action, Pleasure, Memes, Surveillance, Persuasion, Contagion, Copyright, Subjectivity, Sustainability, Futurology, Learning, Things.

-- --

We Make Futures

NESTA predicts that the Creative and Digital Industries will grow at double the rate of the rest of the economy in the next 5 years. Our students will be well placed to go into the many industries that utilise the creative application of digital media, technologies and culture.

Media Design

You will leave this course with a comprehensive portfolio and professional experience that you might want to take into the media, design, communications and publishing industries…

Types of jobs
  • Web and Application Designer
  • Multimedia Content Producer
  • Digital Publishing
  • Social Media Manager
  • Interactive Designer
  • Digital Artist/Storyteller


Learning how people engage within the digital media landscape, and how to analyse and create ideas for it, is a core skill for today’s competitive business markets. You will be well placed for a number of roles here…

Types of Jobs
  • Technology Advisor/Consultant
  • Digital Marketing and Advertising
  • Digital Project Management
  • Creative Technologist
  • Digital Product Development
  • Find some of jobs here

Who knows?

Many of the jobs you might be able to do haven’t even been invented yet. With your insight, analytical and design skills maybe you’ll invent your own.

What you can do
  • Ask questions
  • Digital Research and Analysis
  • Digital Strategy and decision making
  • Entrepreneurial and Inventive Skills
  • Digital Design and Multimedia Production Skills
  • Or go on to Further Study

Some facts about our course?

Live Briefs


You Get

  • Your very own high spec laptop, fully loaded with creative software and digital goodies such as Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection

    Included in your fees
  • Our media students have travelled hundreds of thousands of miles over the last few years for their projects, visiting places like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, China, South Africa, Berlin, Iceland, Russia and many more

    Opportunities for International Travel
  • This course is designed with your professional future in mind, that is why we’re accredited by the XXXXXX

    Professionally Accredited
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